Quilt for Z

If you remember, I bought a quilt for IY some time ago.

This time of course ada untuk adik IY jugak. I love her work and keep coming back for more. Thanks Tini from Snazzy & Such.

Gee commented the quilt looks girlish. Tapi that’s because when I made the order, we didn’t know the gender yet. So buat colour yang universal je. I left the name embroidery to the very last minute tho. A few weeks before beranak baru bagitau her the name (but dalam hati dok risau gak if Z turned out to be a little miss).

Nevertheless, I love it.

Stars for Baby Z

 Bak kata IY, “satu untuk An, satu untuk baby!”

She also threw me a baby gift – a cute handmade bib. Comeyy!

Daddy's boy



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