Breastfeeding: The early days

I was lucky to be able to breastfeed Z minutes after his birth. Alhamdulillah, one (and a few more) of my prayers have been answered.

Dr S had difficulties in delivering my placenta. It didn’t want to come out, I guess. Then I told her, “let me bf my boy first, that might help you”. They put Z on my chest – skin to skin and he started suckling. It worked. My uterus contracted some more when the bf session started. After all the stitching was done, they took Z away for observation. Again and again I told them no FM, he will be fully breastfed.

After a few hours, I was sent back to my room and immediately I asked for Z. I opted for rooming-in and that means they will leave your baby with you 24/7. They will only take your baby to the nursery for baths and checkups.

How grateful I was for being able to deliver normal coz it was so easy to bf. Altho I was sore down under, still, that was nothing compared to the csect after-math pain.

The whole night I was nursing Z lying down side by side. It helped me to sleep and rest little bit. Altho bf might look easy being a second time mom, it’s actually not. It’s Z’s first time – he’s learning to latch, I had to endure the sore nipples episode all over again. Cuma this time, I learned from the IY experience to never let the sore become worse until it pulls me down. No delaying in making decision (dulu teragak2 nak decide kasi ebm botol, kasi pacifier – dok layan je sakit tu sampai nangis2 tahan sakit bila IY bf).

My mature milk came in as early as day 3, alhamdulillah, rezeki Z minum susu banyak awal2. The first 3 days tu memang takde susu lagi. Just colostrum. Z was drinking every 1-2 hours during our hospital stay. Hence the sore nipples. Sakit gile. They cracked and bleed. Everytime he nursed, it felt like a knife slicing the skin. Ouchh!!

At home, I started pumping milk and feeding Z with the bottle. Gee and IY helped feeding him for the first time. I nyorok dalam bilik praying he’ll take the bottle and no nipple confusion. And thank God he’s okay with it. Bermula la sesi pumping saya every 3 hours to meet his demand.

Let’s hope I’ll be able to fully direct bf soon.



4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: The early days

  1. hi pu3, which feeding bottle r u using? im planning to bf as well, tapi nak jugak berjinak2 dgn bottle, takut after pantang my baby tak biasa dengan bottle pulak.

    • Hi heed,

      I pakai MAM anti colic. Dulu masa first son pakai Avent.

      Yes you should introduce baby dgn bottle jugak. But not too soon. At least bila dh establish the direct feeding. But u still need to pump altho tak feed baby dgn bottle lagi. During the early days, susu keluar banyak, tp baby minum sikit coz selalu tidur. Takut u engorge (it hurts) – boleh sampai demam tau.

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