Abang Ilhan

Everyone’s been asking “how is IY coping with the new baby?”

IY is doing very well. He’s adapting like a typical 3 year old. Kalau nak cerita pasal IY, memang banyak.

He adores his little brother. Everytime Z cries, he will come rushing while screaming “I’m coming, Zayyan! I’m coming!”. Then his voice will turn into this sweet-oh-so-cair-hati-mama-dengar “Abang An ada sini, jangan la nangis. Abang ada ni”. Awww….!!

He’s also very helpful. Wants to help in everyway he can. Diaper changing is his favourite task. His duty is to hand me the diaper, wet tissues, perah the wash cloth and throwing away the old diaper in the bin (siap pandai pi basuh tangan lagi afterwards). Tetapiii…sambil2 menolong tuu, tangan dia dok gatal gak korek2 baby box kumbah barang2 toiletries baby dalam tu. Mulut pok pek pok pek tanya ni apa mama, tu apa mama? At first geram la jugak, sebab dari takde kerja terus banyak kerja nak mengemas balik benda2 yang bersepah or if dia perah wash cloth tu tak kuat, habis menitik air kat lantai. But in the end, I just let him. We don’t want to confuse him. Nanti dia fikir “aku nak tolong tapi mama tak bagi. So next time tak nak tolong dah, nanti kena marah”. Of course la we can’t expect a 3 year old to function like adults kan. At least he wants to help, that’s a good start. Let the big brother participates. We don’t want him to feel left out.

He’s craving for attention too. He wants to be carried like Z, wants the same bottle as Z, wants to be fed like Z (tak nak pegang botol sendiri dah kadang2 tu). We try our best to give the extra attention to him. Everytime Z’s asleep (which is most of the time), I will divert my attention to him. During the first few days when my movements were still limited and terkepit2, I couldn’t move around to attend to him sangat or gomol2 him as much..but now I feel much better, I make sure I kiss him, cuddle him the way he likes it. Alhamdulillah, I guess there is a blessing in disguise from the grueling labour. Lama sakit contraction pun takpe lah, asalkan the recovery period is shorter.

When IY sees how Z is getting lotsa gifts from our family and friends, he kept asking, ni Zayyan punya ke? Sometimes I just let him believe that the gifts are his. Contoh macam dapat set of toiletries set, I just iya kan saja when he asked “ni An punya kan mama?” Terus dia amik simpan dalam beg dia. Gee also compensated him by buying a few new toys and clothes. Also they both went for a daddy-son day out watching Transformers.

He hasn’t shown any major tantrums so far. Let’s hope they won’t be any. Hope that we are giving as much attention as he needs right now. Don’t want him to feel that the world revolves around Zayyan and Zayyan alone.

And as a first time mom of two, I hope I’m doing it right.



2 thoughts on “Abang Ilhan

  1. hi puteri…
    my sulong dah 2yrs 8mth and still tdo dgn i sbb daddy dia keje kat JB…weekend baru balik…so i tak tau la mcm mana nk deal bila adik dia lahir ni nnt…i baca you deliver ngan Dr S ye..me with Dr A..nampak mcm ok jgk..hopefully everything ok nnt..wish you happy2 always as mom of two

    • Hi Ilda,
      Insyaallah you’ll be fine..naturally, abang will adjust himself bila ada baby nanti.

      Yup I deliver dgn Dr S..oh Dr A is the head gynae tu kan? I heard he’s v good. very sabar too.

      Wish you all the best jadi mommy of two!

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