Move over Ben 10…

..coz here comes BOBOIBOY!!

IY's current obsession

When he started calling himself Boboiboy..he calls Gee Gopal…and calls me Yaya..pastu tiba2 baby Z jadi Tok Abah (huh?), sah dah he’s hooked!

Almost every day back from daycare he wants to watch the BBB vcd on the pc. Siap menyanyi and melompat sakan ala BBB tu. Nasib baik la so far BBB tu tak banyak merchandise macam Upin & Ipin, Ben 10, etc..kalau tak, jenuh la jenuh.

The other day he wore his cap like this and asked “Abang An ni macam Boboiboy tak?”

My Boboiboy

Lepas ni apa la pulak ye?



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