Breastfeeding: Stocking up

So far I have been pumping just for the sake of emptying my breasts. If not, sakit gile menyucuk2 kalau tangki penuh and Z tido pulak tu. But the EBM’s I tak freeze pun, simpan kat compartment bawah je for current consumptions. Contohnya masa tengah urut (my mom kasi botol if needed so that my urut sessions tak terganggu – lagipun dengan badan penuh minyak nak BF pun tak selesa kan) or masa I’m busy with IY so it’s daddy’s bonding time to feed Z or masa my nips sore gile that if I direct feed Z, it will leave me meroyan dalam hati.

Today I start to stock up EBM’s for Z’s consumptions when I return to work. Belek2 balik Work And Pump as a refresher. Also been reading other blogs to see how they maximize the freezer space and this idea caught my attention. Bila tengok stock orang, I wonder if my stock will ever be as many as theirs? Oh jangan stress kan diri sendiri. Takpe takpe, be optimistic – sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit.

Sterilizing IY's old bottles

Storage liners bought from

and of course…

my Medela FS - I *heart* you

Last time with IY, I started to pump for stock only 2 weeks before returning to work. But kelam kabut jadinya tak cukup waktu. This time it’s 7 weeks. I hope this is a good start.

Reminder to self: Jangan malas mommy!



4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: Stocking up

    • Yes you are my BF BFF..hehe…

      Oh kat office I the BFM group secara informal je..tuka2 story and support each other sambil2 lalu je…wish we have the time macam u all nak buat meetings, activities & such. Tapi tu bukan excuse. Set target, Insyaallah boleh.

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