Our car rides from now on

Now that we have 2 kids,there are 2 car seats at the back seat. One is IY’s Maxi Cosi Tobi and the other is Z’s Britax infant carrier. Masa awal2 memang I was wondering, muat ke mama ni nak duduk tengah2? Dah la BELUM kurus (heh!)…lagi la tak muat kan. I posted this Q in my FB and most experienced mommies cakap muat tapi kalau nak BF susah.

During Z’s first month paed appointment, we went out berempat for the first time. The verdict – sah tak muat!

IY's Maxi Cosi Tobi - his 2nd birthday present

Z's Britax infant carrier

We had to leave the Tobi behind and IY sat in front with the adult seatbelt on. We don’t really like the idea of IY sitting in the co pilot seat. Bahaya. With the airbag lagi. Did you know that airbags are actually dangerous for kids? The impact sangat kuat and could do more harm than good to kids.

Back to my story,IY being IY ,the ever so active, he could not sit still (unlike if dia duduk dalam car seat, sangat sopan). He wanted to climb to the back and sit with me. Pastu nak lean forward pulak coz nak tengok the VCD screen (we played the movies for him to watch dengan harapan dia duduk diam kat depan tu…tapi hanya tinggal harapan..*sigh*).

So macam mana ye? We can’t go on like this. Right now we are thinking of letting go of the Tobi and get him a high back booster seat. Although he’s not 4 yet, his weight dah comply to the requirement. He’s 16kg now at 3y3m. Booster seats are more leaner and slimmer so it should do the trick kan? Tapi kena measure la jugak. Cannot agak2 je. This mommy also needs to shed some weight of course to squeeze kat tengah2 tu. Me sitting in front is not an option yet. Z’s too small la..I cannot lah if tak tengok muka dia. Even dengan IY dulu pun, I sat with him kat belakang sampai dia setahun. Kesian Ayah duduk depan sorang2 kan?

Saw this Britax kat MC UK website on sale - sangat murah! Tapi kat UK la pulak. Jenuh nak menunggu shipping. Not this time la kot.

I have 1 week to go before my perintah berkurung tamat. After that, the search will begin for his seat. Dengar nye MC KL sale now. 50% on car seats and 20% on clothing. Talk about the right timing eh?

And oh…I know you might be thinking MPV? Not yet la..not yet.


5 thoughts on “Our car rides from now on

  1. haha…mentioning the MPV….i dont know whether it can helps or not since i’m having MPV. Unless you are buying gigantic MPV. Sama je sempit if 2 car seat kat tengah2.

    • I was referring to MPV yang 7 seater boleh letak IY blakang skali pastu Z & me kat middle seat. But not as big as Estima or Serena. Maybe smaller version like Wish or Stream.

  2. Tu belum anak 3 berderet2 usia dekat2 kan? Don’t worry u’ll adapt to it slowly. Sempit memula je bcoz of the changes.Booster seat plus infant carrier still sempit though..:(

    • Still sempit izzit? The we must measure betul2 nih.

      Yeah, still baru nak adapt byk nak kena adjust.

      Haa anak 3 berderet? Yang tu kita letak tepi dulu. Kita kasi abang2 masuk sekolah dulu kay?

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