Mama no more?

I just have to put this here. I want to remember this.

IY has been calling me MAK semenjak dua menjak ni. At first I thought it is just a phase. Thinking maybe he picked up a line or two from Boboiboy or Upin Ipin or drama apa2 ke kan. Everytime I address myself as MAMA, he will correct me. Pastu sometimes he calls me MAK ulang2 banyak kali. Macam nak highlight to me and make me understand that that’s my new name.

Tapi kan, he’s been calling MIL “mak” too instead of Tok Ma sejak azali lagi. So I thought macam mana dia nak differentiate kan? Dua Mak lah nampaknye.

The other day he fell down and cried. Gee was consoling him but he wanted me. Sayu je suara sebab kepala tu terhantuk sakit kan. Dalam sedu sedan tu “MAKKKK…nak MAKKK!

Well, that’s it then. Mak pun mak lah.

Kids these days…they want to decide themselves nak panggil kita apa. Hmmm..Esok2 baby Zayyan nak panggil apa pulak? Ibu, Ummi or Mommy?



2 thoughts on “Mama no more?

    • Hi Huda…

      Tu laa kan? Budak2 skarang pandai dah.

      Haha betul jgn panggil nama IY kadang2 ngada panggil kitaorg “Yong” and “Abang Gee” which what our parents and siblings call us. Bapak dia suka lah sebab rasa muda. Cehh!

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