The car seat mirror

This might be a problem solver to our car issue. I found it here and here.

Kat KL ada jual tak?

Easy View Car Mirror

Still, I will need it when I’m driving alone with them nanti.




7 thoughts on “The car seat mirror

    • Yup but they are the different kinds. Bumblebee & Munchkin tu jenis suction melekap kat cermin belakang.

      I like this one coz it’s attached to the back headrest. Dekat sikit.

      Anyway, u selalu shop with them ke? I penah kat BBstore but Littlewhiz tak pernah lagi.

    • Ok nanti I check out Mom’s Care pulak. I called MC KL & Toys R Us KL but both takde that type.

      IY I boleh nampak from the mirror yg atas kepala tu..yg sun shade for drivers I never had problems with him before.

    • oh kalau co pilot seat tak yah mirror, i boleh kalih belakang tgk dia. yang penting is the driver seat sebab bila I drive sorang2 tak leh nk pusing tgk dia selalu.

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