And the 44th day is here. Finally!

Yesterday marked the end of my confinement.

So how was it? Hmm….it wasn’t so bad after all.

Food was good. Thanks Mama! I wanted to post pictures of her cooking but she tak bagi. She very the shy shy. Walaupun bukan gambar dia, gambar lauk pun dia shy. My mom cooked my confinement food everyday and mostly she referred to the recipes in a book called Berpantang Cara Alami – Koleksi Pa & Ma. Who said pantang food are tasteless? Mine semua yummeh!!

Berpantang Cara Alami by Pa & Ma

Urut, bengkung and such were okay too. I love love the massages (not the bengkung though). Sedap nye kena urut. Sampai kena kejut sebab tertidur. Blame Z for that. Malam tido tak cukup sebab dodoikan dia. Masa urut ni mama Z lepas geram tido puas2. InsyaAllah, I’ll write a separate entry on my post natal treatment experience with Iree Touch.

My confinement regime was not as strict. The weather sangat la panas so no sweater and socks for me (most of the time – ada la time yang pakai gak socks). Bengkung pakai yang tali2 with the tapel paste masa urut sessions. Tak reti nak ikat sendiri. Masa hari takde urut pakai bengkung moden zap zap and sapu cream Pati Halia Nora Danish tu. Also I mandi air herba Tanamera almost everyday.

During the day, I was all alone with Z. Except during my urut sessions and when my mom sends my meals. My daytime activities were basically attending to Z, watching the telly, working on my laptop, sleeping resting and a little bit of housework. Takde la chores yang susah2. Setakat campak2 laundry masuk washer and dryer, basuh pinggan & kemas2 sikit.

Now that my curfew is over, I’ve got loads in my to-do list. One of them is to survey the nurseries for Z or interviewing his babysitters. All which I’m dreading to do. I guess all mothers have the same feeling about going back to work. Siang malam I doa for Z dapat someone yang responsible and capable of taking care of him while I’m at work. Reading the news everyday scares the hell out of me. Ya Allah, lindungi anak-anakku please.

I guess now I’m allowed to shout MERDEKA, eh?



2 thoughts on “Confinement

  1. Haha i pun dah draft my entry on this topic cuma tinggal nak tunggu my merdeka day. Yeay u dah abis…now to focus in raising up both kids. Insyallah u guys will find the right nanny or nursery for baby Z. Kita doakan jgk ya.

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