My gynae

All along my pregnancy, I just referred her as Dr S.

My Dr S is Dr Seri Suniza if you haven’t known by now.

She is one cheerful doctor. From the start of my pregnancy, she was optimistic that I could go VBAC and at every appointment she would give me the kata-kata semangat. During my labour she was one patient doctor. Looking at my slow progress, never once she mentioned the word “csect” to me.

Last Monday was my last appointment with her. The post natal checkup. Tiba-tiba rasa rindu pulak nak datang every month for the scans and consultations. Tapi perasaan itu kejap je lah. Bila fikirkan sakit thanks.

Before we said our goodbyes, cheerfully she said “I’ll see you in 3 years”. Errr…dan tiba-tiba memori sakit itu kembali lagi. Oh!

My Dr S

Just in case she’s reading, thank you for taking good care of me. I had a wonderful pregnancy with you.



6 thoughts on “My gynae

    • Surprisingly, she & the hospital are not as expensive as I thought. Maybe lebih la sikit from my previous hospital tapi still takde la cekik darah. Can’t complain much considering the service was tip top. I think DSH or SJMC lg mahal kot.

      But I’m also lucky sebab company covered most of the maternity expenses. Alhamdulillah for that.

  1. Is it? u bersalin kat APSH kan?

    My company covered at least 50% (more or less) since kena comply to our Act Fee 1957. The company shud revised ..manakan sama 1957 and 2011. I need to pay in advance and they will reimburse accordingly. Tapi berjaman juga nak tunggu.

    Bolehla consider for next (which i dunno when…) the cost of living kat KL was like tooo high.

    • IY kat APSH and ZU kat PCMC.

      My company cover RM7K for each kid for up to 3 kids. Pay in advance and reimburse basis. gak. Dapat duit balik cepat la gak dengan syarat jgn miss the claim submission deadline lah. Kalau miss, kena tunggu next month punya batch.

  2. hi pu3..i dah selamat delivered baby girl wit Dr Datuk A..betul la kata u DSH and SJMC lagi mahal..Pantai pun..PCMC service memang tip top hehehhehe rase takmo balik rumah….

    • Hi Ilda!

      Alhamdulillah…congrats dear!!

      Yes, I pun ada gak rasa sikit mcm tak nak balik. Sikit je la tapi. Wakaka! Bila teringat kat food dia yg sangat sedap itu.

      Anyway, selamat berpantang and good luck being mommy of 2!

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