Breastfeeding: Ramadhan

Ramadhan is always a challenge for breastfeeding moms.

Saya tidak terkecuali.

My first day of puasa (after my confinement) was on the 7th Ramadhan.. which terkandas at 4pm.

Z was one fussy, cranky & grumpy baby all day long. Refused to sleep and wanting to nurse more frequently. Which is not really him. Z’s nursing style is drink drink drink in big gulps and banyak..and sleep lama dan lena. But on that day he was suckling marah2 and at one time I think he kinda bit the nips and “tarik”. That’s how marah he was. And that hurt okay! I think I screamed a little bit coz he caught me off guard. Actually the susu tu ada je, I did check. Cuma tak meriah je. I guess he wanted the waterfall works.

I wasn’t thinking much (sebab dah stress and panic anak lapar). Terus je buka; minum air masak, hot milo, nasi sepinggan & roti bakar with nutella 2 keping. And in one hour, I could feel my tangki sudah penuh. Engorged and let down reflex mula terasa. I nursed him and boy wasn’t he one happy baby. Tido dari maghrib sampai malam tak reti nak bangun.

Later that night I consulted my BF peers and they gave me tips. I should have given Z the EBM stock! Ya Allah haii…apa la mama ni…tak terfikir pun! Dok fikir that’s for work work work. Lupa plak it can also be stock for Ramadhan.

Anyways, I learned my lesson. Tried again and this time Alhamdulillah it worked. Sahur consist of makan nasi penuh pinggan, milo with oats satu mug, horlicks satu mug, kurma 3 bijik, USANA supplements and air kosong bergelas-gelas minum sampai ke akhir garisan nak imsak. Pastu direct feed during the morning sessions and towards late noon kasi dia EBM if he starts to mengada-ngada. After Maghrib lepas iftar, tangki pun sudah penuh. Direct feed again and also pump to replenish the stock.

I hope I could complete the rest of Ramadhan dengan jaya. InsyaAllah.


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