The post natal treatment with Iree Touch

Months before I popped, I was looking for the right makcik urut to take care of me during my confinement. I found Iree Touch while googling and blog walking. The owner, Kak Ida was such a friendly person. She replied my sms and emails fairly quick and my first impression was “hmm…not bad service.”

Kak Dahlia was assigned to me. A fairly young lady I must say. I don’t think she’s in the 40’s yet. Not the usual makcik2 that I would have imagined. I liked her. She’s the kind of masseuse who only talks when necessary. You know, not the kind yang asyik nak bersembang during the urut sessions. I needed my me time during those sessions to catch up on my sleep and she understood just that. And also she wasn’t the kind yang make remarks on you or talk about her other clients. I don’t need to know about other people’s perineum wound, no thank you. Nor do I expect other people to know about my muffin tops.

I signed up for 14 days treatment which included clinical and traditional treatments. Iree Touch uses Tanamera products for their services.

The first 3 consecutive days consist of the clinical treatments:

1. A full body scan and consultation – weight, BP, pulse and full body screening were done. Yang ni masa first & last day je to compare the before and after results.

Naik atas weighing scale yang macam ni. And the reading..FAT!

2. Then Kak Dahlia check my perineum wound. Cleaned and put the medication on the stitches. They use the same one Dr Seri prescribed me. After that, the wound was put under the infra red light for faster healing and making sure it’s really dry.

Then we proceed to the the traditional treatments (which was also for the next 11 days):

1. Ada herbal bath for me. Everyday I mandi this herbal bath dulu before they arrive.

2. The urut sessions. Bliss!

3. Tungku the whole body. Double bliss!

4. The tummy paste (tapel) was slathered all over the tummy and bengkung tali2 dipakaikan. Errk!! Sendat!

5. Peppermint ginger tea was served. Yumms!

6. On the 14th day, I had a lulur session before the urut. Halus mulus putih berseri satu badan…best!

Apart from my treatments, Baby Z also received treatments. His weight was taken on the first and last day. He was bathed with a special herb during his jaundice days. And Kak Dahlia also massaged him. Suka betul si kenit tu kena urut. Kak Dahlia kata Z is one calm baby. Sikit pun tak nangis bila mandi and urut. Harap2 sampai besar jadi calm person ye sayang. Takmo temper temper ok?

Baby massage

Last day weigh in

All in all, I had a good experience with Iree Touch. I would recommend their service to all mommies. Tapi a reminder, must book early – a few months before. Call Kak Ida at 012.2816016



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