Month two

Baby Z turned 2 months on Thursday 25th. So off we went to his 2nd month vaccination appointment. Usually Gee will accompany us to doctor’s appointment but this time I opted to go alone. I wanted to try solo driving with baby Z. I know I had to start somewhere. I need to practice. I bought the mirror here. Talk about rezeki baby Z, kan?

I can see Baby Z

Anyway, it was a smooth ride. He slept all the way to and fro the hospital. Lega hatiku tak payah nak pit stop tepi jalan. Next step, kena practice dengan both boys pulak. Rasanya that would be a bigger challenge for me. Sebab si abang pot pet pot pet tak berhenti. Adik sure tak dapat tidur dengan aman. Takpe mommy, think positive. Ada masa lagi nak practice. Tarik nafassss! Lepasss!

We also bought IY’s new highback booster seat. It’s leaner and less bulkier than the Tobi as expected. IY suka sangat coz we kept puji him duduk dalam car seat big boy. Boleh pakai seatbelt macam Ayah. And the best part is, I can fit in the middle.Hooray! We were so lucky dapat less 50% kat Mothercare. Cost us RM174 je. Memang tak fikir 2 kali nak angkut bawak balik.  Talk about rezeki IY pulak, kan?

Big boy in his highback booster seat

This mirror is Bumblebee brand - to see IY siting behind me

On a different note, I have 2 candidates now for Z’s babysitter. Will be contacting and seeing them after Raya. I pray that I will fall in love with one of them so that I don’t have to start the searching process all over again. Every day I pray that my instinct will lead me to the right person. I try not to over analyze things. Although that’s very me. Semua benda tiny nak fikir. What if’s tu banyak sangat. Of course nobody will take care of your baby as good as or as how you want it. I have to learn to adapt and accept.

Oh well, I’m trying. Still.


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