During Z’s last checkup, I was approached by one of the nurses who was asking why is Z still wearing his mittens? I said coz he scratches his face. She advised me to cut his nails and asah the nails so that tak tajam. Test the nails on our skin and if it’s okay for us, it should be okay for him too.

Babies should be off the mittens from around week 2 lagi. They should be allowed to explore their sense of touch. Since they can’t see really well yet, they depend a lot on their hearing and touching. Hmm..I see the logic behind it. Betul jugak tu. But it never crossed my mind to take off the mittens so early. 2 weeks? Haihh, confirm I kena tegur nanti. So anyway, Z’s hands are free now to see the world.

Harus nak kena ada weekly manicure session ni…err not for me..but for Z.

Amboiii, I guess he living up to his name now…Zayyan i.e. Yang Cantik.



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