Peace of mind

Just want to share with you the newly opened daycare centre of one of our BIG banks in Malaysia. Opened especially for its staff. Hoping other companies will follow suit. It’s a worthy investment for a company I must say.

These pictures are taken from my friend’s FB (with permission of course).

Now this is what I call peace of mind at work. Lega je hati nak bekerja dengan riang.

I hope my boss is reading. I know his wife is.



9 thoughts on “Peace of mind

  1. Perghh klu ada, mmg tak yah pening kepala mommies nak fikir.. siap boleh direct bf lagi during lunchtime

    Suka the last statement 🙂

  2. Fuhhh best kan!! Wished every office would prepare something like this!
    If not…privatise it…Boleh apa,,,,kita buat business…sewa 1 floor from each agencies and set a “nurseries” for each office! Kat menara TM pon i tgk ada…nursery…but tak tau la mcm ni ke idak…:)

  3. my close frens send their 2 yr old here. i have to admit i’m green with envy! all companies should have a good day care center in place lah. only then the parents can fully focus on work and be productive. oh i hope your boss is reading this as well.

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