7 days

This is my final week…

…of bercuti

…of bangun lambat

…of sleeping when Z is sleeping

…of lepaking tengok Grey’s rerun setiap hari di #720

…of fetching IY early at 3pm

…of mall strolling in the middle of the day

…of many many things lah!! Uwaaa…I’m missing it already.

Anyway, this final week is mainly a test run week…

…test run bangun awal pagi and bersiap as if I’m off to work

…test run hantar IY pagi2 to daycare and drive around for the best and quickest route to Z’s babysitter from IY’s place

…test run hantar Z to his babysitter’s place for 1/2 day everyday this week

…test run going through the traffic at peak hours with both boys Cheras-Setiawangsa to and fro

…test run macam2 lagi to ensure next week saya tidak menghadapi kekalutan and stress

Abang at 3y4m | Adik at 2m1w

One more week and my NEW routine starts. A working mommy of 2.

Doakan saya berjaya. Yakin boleh!



6 thoughts on “7 days

  1. Challenging kn jadi working mother ni…… I also experiencing the same feelings that u have now……. Anak I sorang kat nursery, sorang lagi kt babysitter…. most of times, org tnya kenapa x hantar 1 tempat sekali je….. either nursery or babysitter…. have reason for it……

    • yes very challenging..especially when you have no maid. i wish i could send both to the same place tp IY’s nursery tak amik babies less 1 yr old. so utk 10 bulan ni i kena struggle sikit lah 2 places.

  2. huhu….ok. Manjalah baby Z tu nanti since he was the one to be cuddle. Bestnya peluk cium baby…..

    lagi satu i copy gmbr nursery. Since POS MSIA nak set up nursery & pre-school, i suruh diorg tgk. Macam mama pun nak stay keja kat situ.

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