Breastfeeding: Pump at work

2 more days and I’ll be a mom who pumps at work. I already have my pumping gear ready to work it, work it baby!

1. Breastpump. Of course this tops the list. Fully charged and ready to rock!

Medela FS

2. Storage bottles. 6 bottles for my 3x pumping sessions. I hope I’ll be discipline enough to pump at 9, 1 and 5. Must must must!

Thank God for double pumping

3. Fridge To Go. I also added 1 pack of ice in between the bottles. Sebagai penyendal agar botol tak bergerak2 di dalam.

Fridge To Go: Pack-N-Go

4. Pacifier wipes. Since I cannot afford to spend so much time during my working hours to membelek2 pump, basuh, keringkan dan everything in between, I just wipe off the excess milk with this and keep the parts in a tupperware for my next session. Balik rumah baru saya proses memproses basuh, sterilize and air dry.

The First Years: Pacifier Wipes

5. My pumping bag. The one that comes with my FS purchase adalah terlalu kecik untuk mama yang nak sumbat segala isi alam di dalamnya. I bought a bigger bag from Gin & Jacqie. Biarlah orang kata saya nak balik kampung sekalipun dengan bag itu. Ai tak kisah. Fridge To Go pun muat tau.

My Red Pumping Bag

Above all, I just need 15 mins of peace and quiet masa nak pump. Harap2 my sessions di office tidak terganggu. Amin.



6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: Pump at work

  1. and do take note everytime i turun surau to pump kan mesti org ingat i nak balik dah hahah.. coz bwk beg beso2… hayyo.. but FS mmg terbaek la.i pun x sempat nak basuh or watver the parts tu so i juz wipe. save time.

  2. my early weeks wktu balik offce, rajin le turun kt breastfeeding room ( located at 1 floor below)….. last2, x sempat nak turun naik lif…i bring my nursing cover or shawl and just pump at workstation sambil read thru’ mails or papers…… mula2 my workstation neighbour tnya, bunyi apa tu….. i just smile & ckap milk production session…luckily, my breastpump doesn’t have a noisy sound sgt… really need discipline if u want to work it out…..fuhhhh!!! i pun almost give up jugak..

    • alhamdulillah, i guess i’m lucky coz i got my own room…so just tutup pintu and inform my staff kat cubicle depan “kalau nak apa2 just intercom”

      so far dah seminggu keje tak miss pumping session lagi..but i kena adjust sikit timing ikut ke busy an and meetings.

      i almost gave up masa my first son too…but made it through until 10 months…this time i hope i’ll be able to pump longer.

  3. Pacifier wipes ada jual eh?? kat ner? how much? hahah kita org pump dlm surau ada bilik khas..cuma bilas gan air but very useful when i travel outstation next two weeks!

    I pulak terbalik….i nak sekecik2 bag yg boleh..i’m using my avent bag je…coz i naik turun public transport. Just bought stylo mama bag nak sumbat the machine in sekali coz dok bubuh dlm handbag!

    Caiyok! Dah lengkap and ready dah semua…:)

    • Ada. I beli kat Mom’s Care. Yang besar pack (ada 90 sheets) I letak kat ofis for my pumping session RM19.90. Yang mini pack (ada 30 sheets – RM9.90) I letak dalam handbag utk lap2 pacifier Z or barang2 the boys tu jatuh kotor ke apa.

      The motor I pun letak dlm handbag sebab tak nak campur dengan FTG tu sejuk.

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