A pinky promise

My cheeky IY did and said something the other day that deserve an entry in this blog. I want to remember this conversation we had in the future when he has all grown up.

Intro dulu – He’s been all naughty and craving for attention ever since Z arrived. I might not have said it much in this blog about his Tantrum-Three-Dapat-Adik Syndrome but boy oh boy, this budak is really testing my patience these days.

And back to the subject, we were getting ready to go PIL’s place and while buttoning his shirt, I had a small talk with him.

Me: Abang, nanti kat rumah Tok Ma, Abang jangan naughty ok? Tak mo lari2 lompat2 kumbah2 barang2 rumah sana ok?

IY: (trying to negotiate) Alaaa tapi Abang nak main dengan Wawa (his cousin). Abang suka lari2..lompat2.

Me: Okay, boleh lari lompat tapi sikit2 je, tak nak sampai baby bangun, tak nak jerit2. And tak nak baling2 barang. Mama tak suka Abang baling2 barang2. Promise? (He has this perangai of throwing things to people instead of giving nicely)

I made him pinky promise me.

I (tried) to make him repeat what I said, “Abang promise..Abang tak baling2 barang”

And did he repeat after me? NOT!!

This is what he said (with his cheeky face), “Mama promise, Mama tak marah2 Abang”

Oh My God! He’s only 3 and manipulating me already? I did not see THAT coming. Kita suruh dia, dia patah balik kat kita pulak?

This boy aaa! Tak taula nak marah ke nak gelak.

But still, I just couldn’t help myself laughing and gave him a big hug.

I hope this is just a phase. Just a phase. I just have to keep reminding myself that or I’ll go beserk!

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