The babysitter

A few friends asked, “how did I find Z’s babysitter?”

My answer is, “she found me.”

I put up an advert at one of the famous forum threads online. Kalau sebut, mommies ramai yang tahu kot. And no, it’s not the mommy’s milk website. It’s a different one but popular jugak. Saja-saja je letak with no particular hope to get a reply. At that time I was looking elsewhere jugak via my officemates.

Then a week before my confinement ended, I received her email. She introduced herself and told me that she’s interested to take care of Baby Z if I let her.

I was over the moon..happy dan lega. But at the same time, of course la skeptical. Tak kan la nak agree to a stanger begitu sahaja kan. And I’m sure she is skeptical of me too. So we sms each other and fix a date for a house visit. Cut story short, Gee and me agreed to send Z to her. She’s a young mommy of 1 – younger than me pulak tu by a few years. My first impression was “alahai sweet nye muka dia”. She’s also the pemalu type kot. Tak banyak cakap. We chat a lot on sms though.

It’s been a week now and so far Z is okay with her. She’s taking care of Z like her own. During the day (bila rasa rindu di hati), I’ll sms to her to check on Z. She’ll let me know what’s Z currently doing (which usually is sleeping, baru lepas mandi, baru lepas minum susu, etc). Also she’ll report on the balance susu left. When I pick him up at 6.30pm, wangi semerbak Z baru lepas mandi and dah siap pakai pyjamas. Lega hati ni, alhamdulillah, I don’t want to speak too soon, but I hope she will continue to keep up the good work.

I kept reminding myself…9 bulan je. Countdown to send Z to IY’s place. MIL said nanti babysitter will get attached to Z and it won’t be easy for her to “let him go”. I dunno lah. I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it. Tu pun if it ever happens. Actually tak larat nak terkejar2 2 tempat..Everyday must balik on the dot at 6pm. Although memang la seronok balik awal, but if the workload tak mengizinkan, rasa guilty je balik and leave my team buat kerja balik lambat.

Oh well, that’s life. Whatever it takes for my kids.



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