Breastfeeding: EBM

When I direct feed Z, I don’t know how much he’s consuming. Well, I will never know. Tak perlu catu berapa ounces, tak perlu timing berapa jam. That’s the beauty of breastfeeding. Demand versus supply. Whenever, wherever.

However, for a working BF mommy like me, I need to make sure the EBM’s for Z are enough to last from 8.30am to 6.30pm. I have a system to make sure the EBM management is efficient and tak kelam kabut. Wahh, ada system tu!

Every morning, I pack 6 bottles of 4oz of EBM for Z. I labelled the bottles from 1 to 6 following the age of the EBM. FIFO style. The babysitter just need to warm the EBM according to the numbered sequence.

Tunjuk botol kosong je la ye?

Basically, bottle 1 is the EBM frozen. I will thaw one pack from upper freezer to the bottom compartment before going to bed. Esok pagi dah cair dah. Bottles 2 to 5 are the ones from the previous day pumping sessions. Lastly, bottle 6 is from the 5am morning pumping session. Tu yang paling fresh la. Terus bawak pegi babysitter.

All packed and ready to go. In between ada ice pack

When do I replenish the frozen EBM? Weekend je masanya mengisi freezer balik. I don’t have excess to freeze on weekdays as Z needs 24oz per day. The day pumping session cukup2 je untuk consumption dia next day. I’m trying my best not to use up the frozen EBM kalau fresh supply cukup. I prefer giving him more fresh milk than frozen. Frozen untuk saat-saat emergency sahaja. So masa weekend, I try to pump after feeding and kumpul la sikit2 EBM (lama2 jadi bukit) as frozen stock.

So far I’m pumping out 4oz to 5oz per session (2oz to 3oz from each side – double pumping). Takde la banyak mana compared to orang lain. Tapi Alhamdulillah, cukup untuk Baby Z.

I have yet to try Power Pumping which is said to be proven of boosting the milk supply. I tell myself I have to try it one day. I need to find the time. I will find the time.

BF mommies out there, please share your system with me.



2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: EBM

  1. same system here la pu3, tp baby u kuat jugak ek consume susu ni smpi 6 bottle. my son paling max is 5 botol. slalu nye 4 bottle (4oz each) jek so i mmg ade balance la every day tu yg wat stock byk tu. cume kt bbsiter i mmg letak cooler + ice pack byk2 so she dun need to simpan inside fridge. juz amik trus from cooler. juz nice la for 10 -11 hours smpi i balik. and kul 4-5pm bbsiter mmg x bg susu dah kt my son so bile i smpi amik trus direct. since dia ade history one time tu prefer bottle n xnak direct so bbsiter try bg dia lapar skit ( kejam ) so thanks allah now dia dah ok. last time 1st dotter i pnh wat power pumping and mmg works, i recommend u wat time weekend tgh bz2 wat house chores tu. hey lg pun its freestyle kan kih2.. i siap masak sambil pump.

    • a’ah kira kuat minum la jugak. at first i risik2 from the babysitter kalau2 dia ada discard the susu yang tak habis minum, so maybe i boleh put less milk dlm each bottle. but she said dia mmg minum habis everytime. every 2 hours dia minum susu.

      babysitter masuk dlm fridge susu semua, ptg biasanya icepack tu keras je lagi.

      yeah, i will try the power pumping at home on weekends sambil2 lipat kain, basuh pinggan tu kan? walaupun sikit yang keluar (sebab baby minum susu every 2 hours direct feed dia). boobs tak sempat nak engorge pun..hehe…tapi kena try jugak lah nampaknye.

      i take it as a challenge. insyallah long run susu sentiasa ada coz dia byk direct feed. nak kena stay positive je ni. i dah janji tak nak stress even ada time tgk susu 2 oz je keluar pump.

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