On canvas

Z received a baby gift from his uncle and auntie a couple of months back. It’s a collage of his newborn pictures blown up to a canvas. There’s a funny story behind this gift. It was supposed to be a surprise, but the canvas guy forgot to put a note of the sender of this gift. When the poslaju man arrived, I immediately assumed it was from Kak Chik. Semangat betul hantar thank you note via sms kat dia. Lepas tu sms pulak Iera bagitau Kak Chik kasi baby gift. Haha!

I suddenly realised I was wrong when Kak Chik replied “don’t thank me dear, it’s from iera and shahril”. Then Iera pulak sms “err, that’s actually from us. Takde note ke kat situ?”


So anyway, I still have to thank KC for the creative work! And of course thanks Iera for the gift!

Pastu pastu, the minute IY saw the canvas, he asked (with a sad face)..“Abang punya mana? Takde ke?” Awwww….sedih pulak dengar.

So, wanting to be fair (and tergedik nak buat untuk IY gak sebenarnya tu..hik hik hik!)…I contacted KC and requested a design for IY pulak using his baby pictures. (Kak Chik took IY baby pic gak dulu). I specifically requested for the design to be similar to Z’s coz takut si abang ni nanti “ala tapi tak sama macam adik!”

Dan inilah hasilnya…Tadaa!!



Thanks Kak Chik for the brilliant photos taken. She sent her design to 3D Canvas Photo for the final blow up.

P/S: My mom commented, “hangpa ni dah boleh bukak gallery lah gambar anak2 hangpa”. Hehehe….


2 thoughts on “On canvas

    • Jae!!
      Long time no see!! Rindu la kat awak!!

      A’ah muka dorang similar masa baby. Now Z dah besar sikit, muka dah lain. Ada yang kata he looks like me.

      Yang pegang pipi tu Kak Chik yang bega2 dia posing..pusing kot tu, tonggek kot ni..hehehe. Comelss!

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