The eye

Since birth, Z has a problem with his right eye. It’s always teary and has yellow discharge. His paed, Dr Sharmila said it’s normal as the tear ducts are still immature. We just need to keep it clean and wipe off the tears. That was then, during his first few days at the hospital.

So back home, during my confinement, I put my milk into his eyes as breastmilk is a remedy for eye infection. But I guess the infection is too degil and mommy’s milk tak lut lah.

During his first month’s checkup, I voiced out my concern to the paed on his eye condition and she prescribed Z with Fucithalmic Viscous eye meds. It’s an oily paste which will dissolve in the eye once applied to the lower lid. It worked. But after a week or so, the discharge came back. Which was a bit frustrating for me.

So we went for another round of paed visit and she changed the meds to Nicol eye drops. The first 5 days were okay. Then the discharge ada balik off and on come and go. Although not as bad as before. Ada la sikit2 je. Tapi the tears memang ada. Meleleh je air mata dia. Bila selalu sangat lap, the corner of the eye and lids jadi merah and swell a little bit. Kesian tengok macam orang sakit mata je.

Again, Dr Sharmila said it’s temporary. She will only refer Z to an ophthalmologist after Z is 6 months old. That’s when we should worry and it’s a problem. So sementara nak tunggu December ni, terpaksa la tahan sikit tengok mata dia merah. I don’t think it’s bugging him though. Kalau tak, mesti dia menangis sakit kan? It’s just an eye sore to look at. Kesian tengok dia. Let’s hope he’ll get better soon. Hopefully sembuh sendiri tak payah nak refer2 ke specialist.



3 thoughts on “The eye

    • Oh still ya? I thot dah okay. But reading ur entry makes me relief sikit knowing that I’m not alone. Let’s keep on updating each other with their progress ya.

      Yes, tak sabar nak tengok mata tu “kering” and no more taik mata.

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