Breastfeeding: Storage bottles

The other day, the BF mommies in my department were discussing whether or not the storage bottles can be put in the warmer and then directly feed the baby. Without hesitating, I said “Of course la boleh”. Then one of them said one of the baby stores (nama kedai dirahsiakan) said ALL storage bottles (brand apa sekalipun) cannot be warmed directly nor being sterilized.

That’s a bit misleading don’t you think?

But still, I can’t help myself from being panic. Because I gave Z’s babysitter a warmer and I sterilize Z’s bottle.


So being me, I googled and landed on Bumblebee’s official website (which is the bottles I’m using to store Z’s EBM). There’s a Q&A section below the article that explains further on our misconceptions. The milk CAN be heated in warmer. However, sterilizing them in an electric sterilizer is not recommended. Just wash with hot NOT boiling water. Below is an extract from the website:

PP temperature resistance is up to 120 degree Celsius, so we recommend you not to sterilize it using electric sterilizer. Follow the instructions on the packaging box, you may clean it using a baby safe liquid cleanser and then immerse it in hot water (remember, NOT boiling water) for 10-15 minutes after each use.

And being me (again), I do not want to risk my kids’ health. Sebab I have sterilized those bottles for a quite number of times. Terus gi beli botol baru and label the bottles with the date and year. As a reminder for me to replace the bottles in 6 months time.

Month and year

If you are using other brands, please check further. It’s important to know.



4 thoughts on “Breastfeeding: Storage bottles

    • Tu lah, if my friends didn’t bring up the topic, I wouldn’t have thot about it too!

      It’s up to you nak beli baru or not. I ni je mmg jenis cepat panic benda2 mcm ni.

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