A new subject: Wedding

So it’s official.

My little brother is getting married. Well, he’s not so little anymore. Dah nak jadi laki orang dah.

Yesterday was the merisik cum meminang family meet-ups. Our side bawak the ring, kain for her and a cake as buah tangan. We all pun dapat cake and a basket of fruits as the balasan.

Gifts from our side

The wedding is set to be in June 2012. Macam lama lagi je kan?


When you have a kenduri to plan, June 2012 is not far away. I’m the unofficial wedding planner now. Nasib baik la kita belah lelaki, less segalanya. One majlis je and we’re done.

So my dear readers…from now on, apart from my boys, my breastfeeding and other ramblings…I have a new topic – WEDDING!

6 years ago, I planned my own wedding. Now, I’m working on my brother’s. It’s all coming back to me now. The quotations, the colours, the catalogues, the flowers, the theme, the favours..suka suka!! *tepuk tangan happy*!!

Note to self: Oh, saya harus kurus by June 2012. (Sapa yang pengantin nih?Eh!)



2 thoughts on “A new subject: Wedding

    • A’ah best tp mesti stress nanti. Tu tak boleh lari la kan.

      Ahaa..more entries to come on the wedding. Dulu masa sendiri punya wedding tak de blog lagi…skarang boleh lepas geram.

      Again, eh sapa pengantin nih? Hehehe…

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