The cake

We ordered the merisik strawberry topped cake from my dear friend Sue. Yummy I tell you! How do we know? Sebab we ordered 2! Of course la nak rasa sendiri jugak. When Sue advertised her cake dulu, I was drooling over it tapi takde occasion nak meng-order. When my mom suggested that we bring a nice cake as a gift for her soon-to-be besan, I quickly jumped to the idea. Mahu cake strawberry itu!

The best part is, IY thought it’s his birthday cake. He said “Wahhh, cantik birthday cake abang! Ada strawberry”. Belasah je lah…Cucuk la lilin 3 batang and nyanyi kat dia. Seronok bukan main. Jenuh la anak oi kalau setahun 10 kali birthdays!

Tengok tu! Muka bersinar-sinar!

Gigih tiup lilin


I chose chocolate, but it could be any flavour of your choice

Pumpkinmumycupcakes is here.



5 thoughts on “The cake

    • Yup mmg cantik. I like it sebab the finishing kemas.
      And sedap too. The white icing is vanilla flavoured. Wangi je cake tu bau vanilla.IY ratah je cream tu.

      Eat the choc cake WITH the strawberry sama2. Yummeh!

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