The hall

We surveyed high and low for a decent place to hold the kenduri. Father of the groom pulak has specific criterias of the hall. His requirements ada 2 je – we can choose our own caterer (coz he has his favourite – he wants the same guy who cooked for my wedding) and it has to be free flow people come and go kinda style (not the sit down ber-protocol type). And no hotels. So there I was, googling and blog walking. Reading reviews and jotting down pros, cons and whatnots.

I guess I almost forgot how hard it was to secure halls for kenduri these days. I heard from my soon-to-be SIL that we have to book the place a year in advance. I was like seriously??? Come on!!! Then when I put it on my FB status, everybody shared the same thought. That reminds me of a FRIENDS episode masa Monica tempah that place she went with Phoebe (just for fun takut fully booked) pastu that lady called to confirm and Chandler picked up the phone and he freaked out! Remember that scene? Anyone anyone?

*Alamak! Tiba2 rindu nak tengok FRIENDS*

Then I remembered a friend’s wedding a few years back in Putrajaya Presint 3. I liked the place. It’s Dewan Sri Siantan (Perbadanan Putrajaya). Went to Mr Google for the info and managed to email them. The email was with no particular hope to get a reply sebab it was sent to the general line. I thought “Hmm.. entah2 diaorang tak perasan pun the email tu”.

Tiba-tiba dapat reply, I was given the phone number of the PIC. I called and mentioned the date I wanted. He gave me a quick laugh. I asked him “gelak tu sebab jauh lagi date ke or sebab dah penuh?”. He replied “sebab dah penuh.” But still , he took my details and put me in the waiting list. I gave a few alternative dates as well.

A couple of weeks passed by and I received a text from the PIC, somebody cancelled and one of the dates I wanted is available. Talk about rezeki ya! So we set an appointment to take my parents to see the place and paid the deposit.

Phew! Alhamdulillah. Satu kerja dah settle.

Moving on the next item the checklist.

Nota kaki: Email me personally if you need to know the PIC’s number. I’ll be happy to share.



6 thoughts on “The hall

    • Ahaa!!! That line was intentionally for you. I knew you would say something about FRIENDS. Peminat tegar la katakan.

      Our side, the kenduri will be on the third week of June (if you plan to come back cuti next year, timing la cantik2 kay). The girl’s side will be on the first week on June.

  1. much i missed to watch FRIENDS and laughing like nobody business…..

    Dewan Sri Siantan was so nice l…santeks….i attend a friend wedding there n masa tu cheepos betul sewa dia..siap dok bagi hint kat hubby..kalo anak kita kahwin buat kat sini nak…..hahaha…hello anak punya tadika pun tak confirm lagi ada hati nak cari dewan….hahahaha….

    • Yup cantik kan? And convenient too. Sebab tu my dad pun suka.
      Masa bila cheepo tu? I don’t think the price is the same now. Close to RM10k (tak termasuk kerusi meja). They charge separately for the kerusi meja.

      20 tahun lagi (masa anak you kawin) entah berapa la harga nye kan?? *pengsan*

  2. apa? nearly 10K now..masa kawan i kawen tu this yearlah…masa tu dok sibuk Putrajaya buat hari belia kat putrajaya…rasanya murah or half dari 10K….n he pun dah booked nearly 1 year before the event. ….puuuuuhhhh…(lap peluh sejuk kat dahi n ketiak..)apa harga charge lain dari kerusi n meja? so kerusi meja rega berapa plak???…..

    tapi i tak suka lift dia..gayat…in overall…sgtla santeks…..tenang, besar, sejuk,…wah terbayang2 lagu SM Salim…….

    hahahaha…20 tahun dari sekarang ntah berapalah reganya….yelah anak bujang i dah ada girlfren kat nursery….

    • Dah naik harga.I ada baca blog orang lain yg tunjuk the price list. I have the same price list but with the new price. Mmg naik double.

      Kerusi is RM3 each and meja is RM5 each.

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