For the past 4 months, my BMI has shown OVERWEIGHT (>25).

Today, it has finally changed to NORMAL. Walaupun sipi-sipi, still, every gram counts.

Phew! Losing weight has never been this tough. This time, breastfeeding alone is not enough. I had to work my ass off to shed those pounds. Dulu masa IY, pejam mata je…breastfeed, pump, breastfeed, pump and voila I’m back at per-pregnancy weight. Now, turun sikit, pastu plateau. Stagnant. Silap2 naik balik.  Haihh, must be the age factor. Dah tua, kot.

I’m still a work in progress. I’m nowhere near the pre-pregnancy weight yet.

Still, this is a milestone worth recording.



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