Rotavirus and Pneumococcal vaccinations

Today is Z’s 4th month immunisation. Yang wajib 3 serangkai tu and the optional ones. He’s a champ when it comes to cucuk cucuk ni. Dia melalak terkejut bila jarum masuk tapi takde nangis sampai top of his lungs or sampai “selop”. His paed pun jenis yang sangat loving. Lepas cucuk, she will pick him up and give him a cuddle for a few minutes sampai dia stop nangis and baru dia pass to me.

We opted for the Rotavirus and Pneumococcal vaccinations for Z. Dulu masa IY, tak sempat Rotavirus (Rota vaccination has to be done before 6 months old). Masa tu tak pandai sangat lagi pasal vaccine ni. And unfortunately, IY caught the Rotavirus bug when he was 13 months old. Kena admit and it was a nightmare for me – physically and emotionally. Even after dah discharged, it took him almost 6 weeks for the tummy to adjust to its normal “bahan kumuh”. Sampai bawak pegi cari 2nd opinion to a different paed to make sure he’s really ok. This time dengan Z, taubat dah tak nak terlepas. Hopefully, Z will be safe from the nasty bug. InsyaAllah dengan izin Allah.

Yes both the Rotavirus and Pneumococcal vaccines mahal sikit (err, mahal banyak sebenarnya). And they are not covered by the company. As I always say, when it comes to health, I do not want to risk it. But of course, dengan izin Allah. We’ve done our best in protecting our kids, the rest we leave it to The Almighty.

I see ramai parents yang buat survey to compare the prices between hospitals for both immunisations. For the benefit of mommies and daddies out there, let me share with you the cost kat PCMC. Rotarix Vaccine (for Rotavirus) is RM139.40 per dose and Prevenar 13 Vaccine (for Pneumococcal) is RM224.30 per jab. Z has to take 2 doses of Rota orally (masuk mulut dengan syringe) at 2 and 4 months. Pastu the Pneumococcal cucuk pulak in 4 doses at 2, 4, 6 and 18 months respectively. I heard it is more expensive in other hospital but I might be wrong. Tapi rasanya the price won’t differ much. Lebih kurang kat situ jugak.

Z’s bill today

If you need to learn more about both vaccinations and how they help our kids, please google and read about it. Let’s be the well informed parents. At least we know what to ask the paeds and asking the right question will get you the right answer.



5 thoughts on “Rotavirus and Pneumococcal vaccinations

  1. Hi puteri..

    Saya lisa. Anak2 saya dapatkan pneumococcal di paedtrician an-nur bangi. Per jab is RM245, and kalau the first three jabs sume kat annur, the last jab dapat free.

  2. Hi..i’m one of your silent reader..i nak tau utk vaksin pnuemonocal tu ada side efek tak pada baby?my doc pon suggest my baby girl ambil vaksin Petronas cover tak vaksin tu?i tgh cari info bkenaan vaksin tu…really need your advice..tq

    • Hi Su,
      I tak penah dengar pulak ada side effects. Biasanya baby demam sikit la after cucuk. But that’s all.

      I bukan keje dengan Petronas so I am not sure about the coverage. But my company yang I keje ni tak cover for optional vaccinations. So mmg kena bayar sendiri.

      Yes, I suggest you go for it. At least kita dah berusaha untuk protect anak2 kita from penyakit2 ni. Yang lain kita serahkan kat Tuhan.

      I hope my explanations helps. You may google for more info. Mesti banyak lagi info boleh dapat.

      • Hi tq putri for your reply..sangat baby girl umur 11bulan..ada history lung infection dan kena warded seminggu..dan bln ni kena lagi mild infection..kali ni just ulang alik klinik ambil neb dan mkn segala ubat..kesian doc suggest ambil vaksin since baby duduk taska..i asek cuti je every month jaga lpas dia sihat ni i pegi jumpa paed la utk ambik vaksin..tq very much for info..appreciate it..

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