We love to take IY (and now Z) to playlands. A place where the kids could let off some steam. A place where they could golek, lari, lompat, tunggang terbalik all they want without us yelling “NOOOO…JANGANNNN” all the time.

Kizsports is our favourite. Tried MegaKidz Midvalley once, but tak minat sangat. During the Deepavali break we went to try Critterland kat The Heritage Village, Mines. The place is not inside the Mines shopping mall. The Heritage Village is the building opposite the mall. Macam jauh sikit nak kena round pusing masuk ikut the shoplots. The building tu is a service apartment kalau tak silap.

Map to Critterland

The place nampak small for the outside, but once masuk, dia ada tunnel and pathways untuk masuk dalam lagi. IY sangat teruja! He was so all over the place..lari sana lari sini…masuk dalam the area yang penuh balls tu..dia lompat masuk dalam tu…suka betul dia..he even said to me “Mama, An macam dalam Wipeout je.” (Yes, AXN’s Wipeout is one of his favourites).

Baby Z on the other hand sibuk memerhatikan the surroundings. He was very much busy looking sana sini. The colourful areas caught his attention I guess. Well, that’s supposed to be good for his brain development kan? Sambil si abang main, dia sempat jugak dia tidur se-round and susu se-round.

The price is cheaper (sikit) from Kizsports & Megakidz. Weekdays is RM15 and weekends is RM22. Parents and baby Z masuk free. For an unlimited time – boleh main sampai kedai tutup pun takpe. We were there for 3 hours+. Cukup dah tu..mama ayah berpeluh dah kejar dia. Last2 kitaorg penat, lepak kat lounge luar layan sembang dengan baby Z. Pastu punya la susah nak ajak IY balik. We even “berlakon” bye-bye dia from afar as if we were leaving him (dengan harapan dia akan berlari mengejar kami)..hmmph!! Tidak menjadi. Dia bye-bye kita balik lagi ada.

So here are few pictures taken…Let’s layan gambar!

The surroundings

Budak yang sungguh teruja

Excited sangat-sangat

Main tembak2 pulak

Adik yang sabar menanti abang

Putera-putera saya

Z suka bersembang dengan ayah

And last but not least…my favourite pictures of all!!




5 thoughts on “Critterland

  1. Great opportunity to let the kids lepas geram sekali sekala! Hehe an x nak balik tuh! Hehe love the idea of jumping on the trampolin! Wah love the candid pics of an and z smiling!

    • A’ah biar dia lepas geram..
      Gambar trampoline dlm my FB kan..lupa plak nak letak sini..but yes, I love the trampoline too! Sebab besar and adult pun boleh layan lompat skali…berpeluh gak melompat2 rupanya…

      Ahaa…Z suka senyum lebar2 now nampak his gums…Ilhan apatah lagi kalau dah excited!

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