Medela FS: A review

I have been wanting to write a review on FS tapi sometimes I feel like it’s too early for one. Maybe sebab baru sangat lagi pakai. Baru 4 bulan. Rasa macam tak fully utilize to the max of the gadget untuk comment. Belum habis explore pun button kat situ.

But today rasanya nak tulis something gak coz I received a question about FS from my dear friend who is expecting. You know who you are dear. Bila type sms kat dia panjang lebar, tetiba rasa, “I should write this in my blog share dengan semua orang, kan?”

Well, here goes.

I love FS because:

  • No need to plug in and be static in one position. Charge the motor like you charge your handphone and you are good to go. In my case, a fully charged motor can last up to 2 days (dalam 5 pumping sessions per day of 20 mins each session).
  • Mula2 memang nampak macam banyak nye tok nenek dia nak kena pasang, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy peasy. Not too many things to assemble. As long as you are organize, semua nye mudah. Nak basuh pun senang, not too many parts.
  • At home, when I pump, I can jalan2 satu rumah untuk basuh pinggan, lipat baju, kemas rumah or buat laundry. It saves me a lot of time in the morning. I wake up at 5-5.30am, sambil pump, I’ll sort out the frozen EBM thawed from the night before, pastu siapkan the kids’ bags, kemas toys IY and sometimes sempat jugak jenguk FB sambil tunggu abis pump.
  • In the office, when I pump, I reply emails, answer phone calls, work on my laptop (with my door closed, of course). My colleague (who is an FS user too) even tak sedar that her bottles dah penuh coz she was too engrossed on her laptop. As for me, I takde la sampai macam tu coz my milk not as meriah as hers (my max usually is 5oz je left and right combined).
  • My SIL is an FS user as well, dia lagi hebat. She pumps while driving. Me? Nahhh! My boys keep me busy in the car. Our daily rides are usually an adventure. Contohnya, there are times where I need to make a pit stop di tepi jalan to climb to the back seat to calm Z down. Atau kena menghulurkan segala tok nenek toys dan makanan kepada IY di belakang to keep him occupied. So FS while driving is no-no for me.
  • Nak buat power pumping sangat mudah coz the pump is with you everywhere you go. Just clip it on your waist. 10mins on, 10 mins off, on, off.
  • FS ada resale value. For someone like me yang suka declutter, I like to sell my pre-loved stuff while they are still in good condition. I tak suka simpan lama2 when I know I’m not using it anymore. When I’m done pumping (harap2 sampai Z 2 years old), I can sell the FS. Although of course I won’t get a high price due to depreciation and wear & tear, still any money is good money. You might ask, untuk next baby la pulak. Hmm…we’ll cross the bridge when we get there ya? Masa baby baru entah gadget apa pulak keluar. Masa tu sure tergedik2 nak beli gak. I know me. πŸ˜›

So far tu je kot yang terfikir pasal FS ni. If you are a freestyler too, share with us your pros and cons.



9 thoughts on “Medela FS: A review

  1. Wala, after reading this review looks like i’m grabbing FS PISA kena jual la ye? Ada sape2 nak beli tak haha…thanks dear for this brilliant sharing. I appreciate that, and baru tau rupanya FS tak yah sambung2 plug. Padahal dah baca tu kat website, nampak sangat kena awak jugak yang cerita kan kan

    • Eh eh sapa yang expecting tu?
      Yup FS tu mobile..boleh ke mana2. Convenient utk kita.
      Awak boleh jual PISA tu kat Facebook ada Preloved Baby Stuff group page..I’m sure there will be someone yang interested.

  2. Loved mine as well very much! Very light,wireless and efficient! Oh my main point is definitely time saver!
    Siapa2 nak beli new FS or any mandela,avent pump from US can buzz me at a very affordable price πŸ™‚

    Pu3, u really fully utilized the freestyle concept! I belt x pakai pon lagi hehe!

    • Aha yup time saver..double pumping mmg saves a lot of time.

      I pakai belt tu sebab nak berjalan2 sambil buat kerja.mula2 dulu malas, clip kat seluar je…tapi tak stable..dia asik nak tercabut..pastu baru la pakai belt. kat ofis tak pakai la belt sebab duduk atas kerusi je.

      So far I belum pass tang button2 yg kat motor tu..tau on off je..pastu adjust suction level…padahal dia boleh set memory semua kan?

  3. pu3, kalo dah expert butang2 tu roger kt blog ni tau sbb i pun mls nak korek2 manual tang button2 tu. but FS mmg awesome la.. i dah test drive ngan FS tp i still rase concious takut susu tumpah thihihihihi

    • Okay will do (entah bila la tu,..hehe)..

      Haa..i pun risau tumpah gak..lagipun macam dah jadi habit nak tunduk tengok bottles ok ke tak, nak tengok corong tu fully coverage the areola/nips ke tak…asik nak check mmg even kalau sorang2 drive pun mcm susah je nak berFS.

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