Mothercare Sale

Starts today until 26 December 2011.

As usual VIP members dapat extra 10% from 4 – 6 Nov 2011.

Nota kaki: website Mothercare Malaysia dah first I thought I typed the wrong url. Rupanya dah upgrade. I love the new layout sebab dia standardized sama macam UK punya..minus the online shopping je.



4 thoughts on “Mothercare Sale

    • ehh mana ada borong…hik hik hik…

      beberapa helai je for the boys je..i had a list and dengan jayanya, tidak terpesong.

      hampir terpesong la jugak sebab nampak baju utk Z sangat comel tadi, tapi letak balik. hehehe…

    • MC kat KLCC baru pindah to the new wing and it’s bigger than the old lot…tapi rasanya the biggest MC outlet is the one yang Bangsar Shopping Centre..tu lagi heaven kot…hehehe….

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