Salam Aidiladha

Nothing fancy for Aidiladha this year. Just another long weekend. We had a good break by the beach. Spent a couple of days at Thistle PD with my whole family.

IY had his real taste of playing with the sand. All this while he never wanted to touch the sand. Jejak tanah pun tak mahu. But a few days before this beach retreat, he saw pictures of his cousin making sand castle and having fun under the sun, he said “Abang nak main pasir macam Wawah lah? Mama bawak adik jugak macam Aqib kay?” Talk about peer influence eh? (both Wawah and Aqib are SIL‘s kids).

He preferred the beach than the pool. Kat pool he clinged to his daddy like a koala bear. Padahal pakai arm floaties tu. Penakut yang amat. Menjerit2 bila ayah nak “lepaskan” dia.

And oh, for the record, IY had his first coffee! Minum Nescafe dalam tin tu. I hope it’s just a sip. Grrr….Thanks to his uncles. My brothers didn’t know that I have never fed him with coffee, tea or any carbonated drinks. And I don’t intend to for as long as I can delay it. Dapat “khutbah raya haji” free dari kakak tersayang.

Pictures will be uploaded soon (both FB and blog). Belum habis tapis lagi.

Come Tuesday, back to work. And the cycle starts again. *Yawn*.


2 thoughts on “Salam Aidiladha

  1. Are you sure that’s his 1st coffee? Hehe tu baru u nmpk depan mata sendiri :p
    Sarah pon nangis2 takut pool, bila ada elly n.luqman baru dia berani. Haha I guess depa ni kena ramai2 baru ok! Cant wait to see the pics!

    • Hmm..I’m pretty sure coz IY will always tell me if he drinks something new. And IY tahu yang coffee, tea and air gas is “air ubat ayah”.

      Or do you know something I don’t? Hmmm….I think Gee penah cakap kat his sis jangan kasi.

      Pics dah upload kat FB..kat sini soon..nak kena watermark dulu.

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