Pictures from the Thistle PD trip

I almost forgot to put the pictures here. Ni lah akibatnye bila dah letak gambar kat FB, asyik lupa nak letak kat sini. Enjoy ya!

View from our room on the 6th floor

Our room - love the day bed by the window

Doing what he does best - Running!

Doing what he does best - Sleeping!

First day main pasir - kaki dah jejak tanah tapi masih mencangkung. Scooping the sand dengan sungguh bersopan sekali

Mama dan adik bercanda di tepian pantai

Hari kedua di pantai - sudah boleh duduk atas pasir

Dan sudah rela ditanam...big improvement!

Z baru bangun tido - where am I?

We are at the beach la adik

It's pool time!

At the kiddie pool

Z lepak tepi pool je tunggu abang

Mama buli adik - 10 seconds under the sun

There's something about kissing his bald head...suka sangat! Stress reliever.

At 4.5 months, Z's rolling over on his own

As usual, the last picture is my favourite *Hugss*


8 thoughts on “Pictures from the Thistle PD trip

  1. It is really stress-reliever whenever we are with kids!! Esp, when they happy when we bring them out from their routine life- the don’ts!!

    • Thanks Jae. Yup anak2 adalah penawar stress.
      Yup Z dah meniarap dah..cuma belum pass reverse roll over je lagi. Bila dia meniarap, static je sampai dia penat pastu dia tonyoh2 muka dia kat tilam. Hehe…

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