I just had a telephone conversation with a poyo person. Why is he poyo? Because the conversation is about something else and tiba2 dia nak masuk cite pasal diri dia (I do not need to know about your personal life – thank you very much). He kept mentioning that he has 5 credit cards including a Platinum card because he has high salary (yes, he actually mentioned that literally!).

Apa yang hebat sangat ada 5 credit cards??

You deserve to berlagak if you DON’T have a credit card. Debt-free kan lagi bagus.

Sheesh!! I have no time to layan people like this. Wasting my time.

Sorry for the rambles. Just letting it out my system.



6 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. hahaha..good one. I like it when you want to make it out the system….

    i wanna share …If you have a problem face it..not facebook it…got i from a friend

    • Oh tidak. Even I don’t know him. He called me pasal nak promote insurance apa ntah..at the first his staff called, bila tak dilayan, dia as manager call pulak konon lebih terre la kot…then the conversation merapu sampai cite credit cards dia. Pfft!!

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