Touch n Go

Check this out!

Love it! Tapi I don't like the part where I need to choose only 1!

Hubby had an exhibition at Sunway Convention Centre yesterday. One of the booth participated had this service of printing your own pictures on the TnG cards. It cost RM10 but staff yang dapat FOC. Like like like.

Tapi I complained to him semalam…awat la amik gambar satu-satu? Napa tak cari gambar the boys berdua in one picture. So tak payah lah kita pilih who gets which son. Fussy me kan? Haha! Dia cakap tak terfikir pun nak buat macam tu..lagipun he was in a hurry. Dia segan la jugak sebab print 2..dah la dapat free, ngada plak nak dua.

Ok ok my bad. Whiny me.



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