2nd Maternity and Children Expo

I didn’t know about this expo until my SIL told me she was going. Mula2 plan nak gi GAP casting kat Pavi, but selepas fikir berkali-kali, we decided not to go. Lagipun Z kena serangan nyamuk the night before, penuh muka dengan bites. Sungguh tidak sesuai untuk pegi casting. Better spend the RM200 elsewhere.

Gee took IY to Mega Kidz while waiting for me. He sure had a good time there.

The entrance

Seperti biasa, before going to any kind of sale, I will have mental list of what I need (or want – pfft what’s the difference?). This time I was aiming for a Bumbo seat, nak stock up Earth Mama Angel Baby balm and an Avent blender.

One out of three items berjaya dibeli. Got the Avent blender at a very reasonable price. Cheaper by RM66 daripada the original price.  Also dapat free gift – a pair of Avent bibs.

Getting ready for his first solid this Christmas

I saw Pureen’s booth buat sale jugak, baby wipes sangat murah tapi I didn’t dare to go in coz I was wearing Z. Tak suka berlaga2 dengan orang bila Z with me. I was looking for MAM’s booth tapi entahlah kenapa tak jumpa. Gee dah jampi kot kasi I tak nampak. Kalau tak, abis angkut semua! Hehe!! Tapi the booths memang best la. Everything under the sun ada from bottles, diapers, bajus, strollers, toys, stem cells (I think I saw all brands dok compete), early learning educations, brands pulak ada Medela, Mothercare, Avent, Pureen, Mamipoko just to name a few. Banyak sangat nak name semua. All 3 halls penuh!

That brings me to my next point.

The halls were soooo cramped with people. IMHO, the organizer should have planned a better and clever layout. Should have more space in between the booths for people to breathe, bigger aisles for people to move about. For God’s sake, I was busy guarding Z’s head and feet sebab takut terlanggar apa-apa yang kita tak sedar. Takut je kaki dia terseret kat bucu2 apa2 or stroller orang.

I read Hanafedora’s blog where she went for a similar expo in London. Ada one picture dalam expo tu. Lapang je nampak. We should copy that. Kalau MVEC tu tak cukup space, move to KLCC Convec la or any indoor stadium for that matter. People will still come no matter where. The more convenient the better. Especially people with kids. Nama pun dah baby expo kan. Harus la ada stoller, bukan semua orang suka babywear. Even if you babywear, kalau dah nak angkut segala tok nenek kat situ mana cukup 2 tangan. And bukan semua orang akan tinggalkan anak kat rumah. Macam me, wherever I go, my kids go. In Z’s case, I’m saving my EBM’s, so I don’t leave him unnecessarily.

Z's in slumberland. See the bites? Haishh..kesian anak mama.

Will I go again next year?

Yes! Next year Z dah besar sikit. Dah boleh kasi main dengan Abang IY kat Mega Kidz. So mama boleh bersenang-lenang sorang2 layan shopping!


4 thoughts on “2nd Maternity and Children Expo

  1. i’ll alert you next time coz we always keep track of the bb kids fair,but most of the time x gi coz midval crowded. This one kebetulan we both took half day for wawa’s report card day. Memang best,cuma serabutness yang amat!. oh yesssss big pathway next time pleaseeee organizer! 😉 biasalah nak good bargain kena ‘menyeksa’ diri hehe! wait for my entry on this fair later;-)

    • Yes alert me tau..boleh plan and budget better.

      We always go to MV sebab MV is just sekangkang kera from our place. 10 mins dah sampai. So usually we beat the crowd (esp tang nak dapat parking) sebab dapat arrive early.

      Ahaa..”menyeksa” diri takpe. Tang “menyeksa” anak yang tak sanggup tu.

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