Pusat Sains Negara

Dapat idea nak bawak IY to Pusat Sains Negara when I saw a few blogs buat review pasal the current exhibitions running. Blog ini memang selalu la buat updates pasal PSN coz she works there…also Yunz’s blog yang buat special entry on her trip with her kids. Nampak menarik and I thought IY mesti suka ni. Sebab ada DINOSAURS and TRANSFORMERS. Of course la mamat tu suka kan!

A week before the exhibition, we started telling him about the dino and the robots. Siap countdown lagi. Itu la my modal for the whole week to get him to behave. I know that’s bad parenting. Bribery is not a good way to teach them to behave. Jangan tiru ye. I’m not a perfect mom. But believe me, I’m trying.

So they day came. We made plans with SIL and Gee’s sisters to meet at PSN around 10am coz we didn’t want to miss the special appearance of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. However, something came up. I had to attend to family matters first at Ampang Puteri. So the plan tukar a little bit. Pukul 11++ baru we reached PSN.

The place was packed with people. Ada rombongan sekolah..parents and kids everywhere. Cuti sekolah pulak tu. The entrance fee is RM6 for adults and FOC for 7 and under. Nak masuk the dino exhibition ada separate entrance fee of RM8 for adult. IY & Z masuk free. Rightyy, let’s move on the pictures!!

Dinos Alive! Age of the Giants Exhibition

We didn't know there's a nearer parking spot. Punya la jauh kena jalan

Tu bukan Ipad sayang...he kept touching the screen macam Ipad


Can you see it? It took me a while to see that's a man kneeling.

The entrance to the main exhibition hall - ada tunnel of an aquarium..reminds me a bit of Aquaria

IY was in awe...diver tu pun sporting je melayan dia

The main hall...IY excited mulanya...tapi takut tengok dino besar sangat...

Ayah nak check gigi dino..IY peluk ayah macam laa dino tu nak makan dia!

Haa yang ni tak takut..ni dia suka! Tapi dia tanya Bumblebee mana?

With Sarah the cousin

Gigih kayuh nak kasi train jalan

Ada Kidsplay area jugak...reminds me of Kizsports pulak..tapi yang ni tinggi gak..macam gayat je..

IY masuk sini sorang2..we were waiting outside..saja nak kasi dia independent sikit...mula2 nampak steady je main...after a while, I saw him with a senget face already mumbling "Mamaaaa!". Apa lagi...ayah to the rescue!

The dinos even have sounds coming out from them..scary gak!

Si abang yang takut gile..nasib baik si adik relax je despite the loud sound system

Amongst the dinos kat situ

With a robotic panda at the robotic exhibition

One storey high Optimus Prime

Adik Z just woke up and had his milk - dia pun nak main sama

While waiting for Abang IY main kat playland..mama and adik posing dulu! Ayah kat belakang tu tengah monitor dari luar

IY being naughty..dia celup tangan dalam kolam ikan..habis basah sleeve baju!



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