Husband is a football fan. Not just the type who watches football and support his favourite team. The type who actually plays football. The field, not the futsal. And I’m proud to admit, he’s good at it too. Cuma dia kata now dah tua, not as fit as the younger days. Asyik injured je.

Anyway, he’s been “training” IY since he was a little baby about football. Heck, even when the boys were in my tummy dia dah start dah. I remember being dragged in front of the telly to watch EPL with him. Dia tak kisah pun if I sleep depan tv tu. As long as the baby “hears” the match. *roll eyes*.

IY has shown interest in football sejak kecik lagi. Sampai mama ni stress dok asik tendang bola je kerjanya dalam rumah. Hubby’s next protegé is of course, Baby Z.

Last weekend was IY’s first experience ikut ayah to his football game. I was having doubts at first. Sapa nak jaga dia tepi padang? Kalau dia nangis cari ayah macam mana? Kalau dia serbu masuk padang time ayah tengah main bola macam mana? Kalau dia poo poo macam mana? Hubby convinced me that everything will be okay. Lagipun I was busy with my family matters at Ampang Puteri so having hubby “babysitting” IY for a few hours is a good help too. One parent one kid system we call it.

It turned out everything went really okay. IY enjoyed himself. Despite the wet weather (which I reminded hubby over and over to make sure IY wears his hat), he had fun tepi padang kicking tendang bola masuk goal. Siap bawak bola and tiang gol sendiri.

I guess there will be more football practices to come. Lagi-lagi dah 2 boys ni..lagi la suka ayah kan!

Layan bola sorang-sorang tepi padang

Tiang gol tu 3rd birthday present from uncle Tain and Auntie Iera

Bola tu beli since IY dalam perut lagi kat Manchester

His birthday present in advance - his first football boots

In case you are wondering which team hubby supports, tengok baju merah IY – go figure!



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