F&N Seasons Longan and Red Dates

Works for me!

I almost forgot how I loved this drink during IY time dulu..now I’m drinking this everyday. 3 cans a day (breakfast, lunch and tea). I feel “heavy” a lot faster after a feeding or pumping session. But of course with the help of 1 to 2 litres of plain water too!

Masa confinement my mom made this drink from the real longan and red dates tapi I didn’t quite like it. Masa tu tak de la minum sangat milk booster ni coz masa berpantang memang supply melimpah ruah. Now ni bila EBM dah start decreasing, mula lah terhegeh-hegeh nak minum itu ini.

Sedap dan berkesan



9 thoughts on “F&N Seasons Longan and Red Dates

    • I think horlicks works for me too tp I tak sedar je. Bila dah minum makan macam milk booster we tend to tak sedar which one really works on you. Dah lama tak minum horlicks ni.

      The first time I drank F&N ni was with no intention as milk booster. Saja2 je minum sebab sedap. When I felt the heaviness, dok fikir balik..what did I eat/drink? It lead me to this!

    • badan dh adjust to the baby’s needs so tak de la melimpah ruah kan? I ni so far supply masih consistent cuma I need the boost utk the extra stock dalam freezer je. risaukan saat-saat tak diduga je.

      ahaa mmg sangat susah nak cari air ni..not semua kedai ada. right now me and bf mommies kat office ni tgh kow tim dengan kedai mamak dekat dengan ofis ni..kitaorg suruh dia order and we will buy in bulk. Suka la mamak tuu! Hehe!

    • boleh takde masalah pun nak minum bila2…eh chop! are you preggers?

      if yes, i support you 100% utk bf nanti k? just ask me anything..i’ll help out mana yang mampu.

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  2. One of my friend pergi talk pasal bf… if i’m not mistaken kat PPUM. Doktor tak advised sangat minum air tin untuk milk booster cos air tin walaupun takde gas still consume high sugar. My friend ckp ada ibu muda yang suka minum this kind of water sekarang suffered diabetis…

    Maaf bukan nak melemahkan semangat ibu2 sekalian, saya sekadar berkongsi. Saya juga ibu bekerjaya yang menyusukan anak from the day 1 till now 1yr 6m++ (and wish for more insyaallah). My extream suppoter is my hubby.. dia yg search about bf & working mom, asked his friends, buy me lovely Madela FS. Sometimes memang ada up and down, ada rajin malasnya… tp paling penting jangan putus asa.

    • Dear Hajar,
      Thank you for the reminder. InsyaAllah I will consume this dengan berpada-pada. I have a family history of diabetic so I am aware of my consequences. A reminder to all mommies who is consuming any milk booster with high sugar level to make sure you drink more plain water. More than the recommended 2L per day. The booster drink itself won’t work without water.

      Glad to know that you’re a bf mommy too with a very supportive husband. Same like mine. He would would go the extra mile for me.

      You are right, yang penting jangan putus asa. Pasang surut tu adalah lumrah.

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