Breastfeeding: My (current) obsession

Refer to my previous entry.

I hate the fact that this drink is so hard to find. Perisa Soya, Barli, Chrysanthemum, and heck even Kundur merata-rata bersepah-sepah..but this…aduhai, merata I pergi. Giant, Tesco, Carrefour..elek! Kat Petronas MESRA ada but it’s RM1.60 per tin..hmm…terpaksa beli la jugak.

So imagine my craziness when I saw this at Pasaraya HERO near my house for 99 sen per tin! Terus mintak nak beli se carton. The guy went to check the stock and alhamdulillah rezeki Zayyan ada…bila scan kat cashier it’s RM19!!! Terus sms rakan-rakan seperjuangan office tanya nak ke tak? Semua reply mahuuu! Se carton each (there are 4 other breastfeeding mommies in the office). Patah balik ke kedai and asked for another 4 cartons  but unfortunately tinggal 2 cartons left in the store. Dua pun dua lah..kasi rembat habis.

Before I left the kedai, I managed to place an order. I said I’ll be coming for more. Watch out for this mommy coming to borong it all!!

Not all mine - 5 breastfeeding mommies punya stock ni



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