Breastfeeding: Supplements

There’s a debate out there whether or not supplements really work on breastfeeding mommies. As for me, I don’t rely on supplements to increase my supply. I berpegang kepada the more you nurse, the more milk. The more you pump, the more milk.

Nevertheless, I do take supplements. Almaklumlah, umur bukan muda sangat pun kan. My main reason of taking supplements is to make myself healthy to produce quality milk. I have been taking USANA Essentials, USANA Vitamin C and USANA Proflavanol for a few years now. Recently, after bersalin of Z, I add on Shaklee’s Lecitihin and Alfalfa.

Everytime I see Z macam nak start flu (sneezing and runny nose) I will increase my Vitamin C intake. So far Alhamdulillah, within a few days, his nose will clear off. I’m thankful that Z is a healthy baby so far. I hope he will maintain to be healthy as long as possible. Of course demam and flu are inevitable these days. What more with the air we breathe nowadays. Pollutions are everywhere.

I remember IY had his first real demam when he was almost 1 year old. Nak tumbuh gigi la, rotavirus lah, conjunctivitis la…haihh macam-macam dugaan masa tu. When I look back, his illness came a few months after he was weaned off the breasts and started on formula. Also when he started staying at daycare. Choosing the right FM masa tu was a headache for me. At first it was Isomil (sebab takut dia allergic to cow’s milk sebab he was a fully bf baby), then Friso pulak and finally Pediasure (until now). After a while, dia dah immune and start getting better. Only occasional fevers and seasonal flu. I’m glad he adapted well.

Learning from my IY experience, semakin bersemangat to breastfeed Z for as long as possible to toughen him up. Another reason why I choose to breastfeed – hubby and I are asthmatics and I had severe eczema when I was a kid – two genetic diseases we do not want to pass on to our kids.

Let’s stay healthy and safe!



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