I am currently (window) shopping…

….for a kindie for IY.

Oh my, hubby terbeliak mata tengok fees yang ribu riban, I tak beliak sangat coz dah boleh agak dah..dah tau from my friends yang anak-anak dah masuk kindie.

Our current discussion..4 years or 5 years? 2012 or 2013? Kami masih berdebat.

Besar dah anak mama. Nak pergi sekolah dah.



5 thoughts on “I am currently (window) shopping…

  1. yes dera, fening tgk the fees structure.

    survey jgn tak survey…barula hati terasa puas nak buat decision. I vote for 4 years. Hakeem pun masuk kindie on age of 5.

  2. i think i must’ve surveyed about 15 kindies before deciding on the one gibran goes to. my vote is for a smaller-sized kindy or enrichment class for when he’s 4 yrs old, if there is such a choice. because it makes the transition and acceptance on the little fellow’s behalf easier. i sent gibran to an enrichment center yg ada about 10 kids (less on some other days) je in the class.. at first only for 3 times a week, and he accepted it well. then into a full-time big-scale kindy early this year for the 5 yr old class. he adjusted very well alhmdulillah. but u know what come to think of it your IY kan is already adjusted to daycare so it would be much easier for him to jump straight to fulltime kindy insyallah.

    • Yup IY is already familiar of being away from me and being with other kids and caretakers – so that’s my advantage there.
      However, my concern would be on his ability to stay focus for a longer period of time and being in a very scheduled and routined environment. Kat daycare play je all day long. So that would be a big transition for him.
      The other thing in my checklist would be the location and convinience. I need a kindie yang around my office area so that I can send and pick him up daily without kacau-ing my work routine. My idea would be dropping him off b4 work and pick him up during my lunch break.

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