The first two kindergartens

We went to 2 kindies today. Both with totally different approaches.

Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori in Wangsa Maju. I love the idea of the Islamic Montessori concept. Dah boleh bayang IY pandai baca surah2, solat and etc. The branch is still new and 2012 will be their first batch of kids. However the location and layout of the school is my concern. They are not the type yang ada classrooms. Instead it’s a big open space. The open space will be divided into areas of respective classes. Further, it’s a corner shoplot in a retail area. Dekat dengan Naluri hospital tu. This is one of the reasons why I tak minat sangat Genius Aulad or Smart Readers Kids…coz they conduct in shoplot areas. They have swimming classes which I like, but when I asked about the location of the swimming class, she said that they WILL find a location somewhere nearby and the kids will go there for the classes. 2012 is 3 weeks away and they haven’t found the place yet. Hmmm? And the idea of IY going out of the school scares me. Call me paranoid. When it comes to my kids, yes I am.

Qdees Setiawangsa was next. I’ve been eyeing on this school simply because it is sekangkang kera from my office. Dah imagine pagi2 will drop him off and terus pegi office. Pukul 12 pick him up and send to his current daycare . I like the idea that everything is in-house. A gated in-house swimming pool (the qualified instructor will come to the school – not the student pegi to the instructor), the playground pun kat dalam, then ada classrooms, a library and a gym.  Ada area for pick up and drop off INSIDE the school compound. The cons however, they are so academic oriented. When they explained to me on the syllabus and the system, I find it too advance for a 4 year old. I expect a playschool kind of system.  But they have started teaching the 4 year olds to read dah. They also have Mandarin and Iqra’ as well which is a plus point. Although I know they say it will fun-filled activities, simple drawings, writing, etc but looking at the books and the timetable, I somehow get the idea that it is a very school-like system. I was taken aback when one of the teachers said if I send him at 5 years old, my son will be having a hard time to catch up. Catch up on what lady? Dia nak amik SPM ke masa tu? Come on lah. I know she’s being in marketing mode. Trying to persuade me to enrol for 4yo. But there’s no need to patronise. The verdict? Not for my 4 year old. But maybe when he’s 5 or 6.

I have a couple more kindies in my list. Nanti will update more when I manage to pay them a visit.



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