The maybe kindy

This is my favourite so far.

Treetop House in Jalan U-Thant. The first thing that caught my attention was the security system. They use thumbprint to open the door. Then we were taken for a tour to see the classrooms, the dining room, the art room, the playground and the gym. Everything is in tiny kiddie size. You should see IY’s face running into the empty classrom macam la mak pak dia dah bayar fees. Suka hati je masuk and main itu ini. Siap panggil that lady teacher lagi. Hehe. The kindy is an English medium school with multiracial multinationality students. The school reminds me of the bank’s kindy I blog some time ago.

They don’t put the kids according to the age, instead the kids are being categorized according to their abilities. Let’s say if he’s 4yo but is a fast learner, they’ll upgrade him to 5yo class. They don’t have exams but assessments are done from time to time. Every 2 months the teachers will meet the parents for an update. Also, tak semestinye kena masukkan IY in January ikut school calendar. We can enrol him anytime either January term, May term or August term. The fees are by term not by month. And no homework!

They use Montessori approach too. Apart from the indoor classroom activities, they have climbing, sand play, water play. Also we were brought to the dining area where they have the baking activities (masa ni IY sibuk bukak cabinet amik dough roller and roll on the table). Tergelak tengok gelagat dia. He said “Mama, ni macam Masterchef la”. The lady commented “he just cannot stay still ya?”…haha! Yes, that’s my son!

However, there’s always the other side of the coin. They don’t have Islamic studies, no swimming class and the fees cost a bomb. Those 3 factors need to be taken into consideration if we decided to enrol him.

I’m looking into Adni and Krista next.



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