Ulcerative colitis

Hubby saw the news about Darren Fletcher, the MU player who was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It’s a form of an inflammatory bowel disease. Looking at Fletcher’s symptoms, he was alarmed that he himself has most of the symptoms too.The most significants are his tremendous weight loss – hubby has always been the on the chubby side (now people are commenting he looks cengkung rather than wah dah kurus), lethargy (he complained that he’s not as fit when playing the footie) and recurring mouth ulcers (bonjela pun dah tak lut).

Today he’s on MC again sebab cirit birit. So I said le’t go to the specialist terus. Asyik pegi GP je. We need to know the root cause. So we went to Dr Yunus at PCMC. He’s the Consultant General, Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon at Level 2. After cerita panjang lebar what brought us to him, he checked hubby here and there pastu instructed a blood test and a colonoscopy next Tuesday.

I’m hoping everything will be okay. Hoping it’s nothing. Praying for a nothing.



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