The other maybe kindy

Went to Adni Taman Melawati.

I love the school. Spacious and gated with a security guard. They are an English medium with Islamic syllabus school.

And to my surprise, I met my highschool friend. She’s a teacher there. Dari jauh dia dah jerit my name penuh-penuh siap nama bapak. Even I don’t remember her dad’s name. Hehe. Tapi seronok jumpa kawan lama ni kan. She brought us to see the deputy principal. We were brought around the school to see the classrooms. I saw one of my friend’s daughter there too. The walls are full with the students’ masterpieces. Seronok tengok. Berangan sekejap esok-esok boleh tengok one of it is IY’s.

My brother was one of Adni’s students. So I’m familiar with Adni. But that’s way back in 2000. I’ve never been to the new lot in Taman Melawati. He was at Taman Sri Ukay’s branch. This new lot is a way better and spacious. Banyak ruang untuk anak saya berlari. Knowing him – my son tak reti berjalan.

Unfortunately, the 4yo class is already full. Will consider for 5yo la nampaknye. The fees are more or less the same with the rest of the kindies. A bomb. But my father pernah cakap dulu that education is harta. So I believe that our children’s education is an investment. Investment dunia akhirat InsyaAllah. Mungkin ada hikmahnye 4yo dah full. Nak suruh kumpul duit for 2013.

This kindy is definitely maybe for 2013.

P/S: macam malas je nak pegi tengok Krista…sebab dah ter suka kat Adni. Hehe….Tapi hubby suruh tengok jugak. He said we must keep our options open.



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