The colonoscopy – preparation

His colonoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow. Before going on the procedure, he needs to clean the bowels. Laxatives were prescribed to be consumed in 3 dosages. One dosage for tonight at 8pm and two dosages for tomorrow at 6am and 7am.


Dilute 1 packet in 1 litre of water to be taken in 1 hour

Today he is not allowed to eat anything except plain white bread, plain porridge and clear fluids. No vege, no fruit, no red meats. No milk or dairy product. And no food after 7pm. I’ve made chicken porridge for his bekal to the office today. Also chicken soup for lunch. Tapi bukan boleh makan isi pun. Hirup sup saja. Kesian kena makan macam baby ye sayang?

The reason of the above is to ensure that his bowel is clear from any food so that the camera can go inside and do its job. Kalau penuh food dalam usus tu camne nak tengok kan?

Haihh…I just want to get this done and over with. Cepat la Selasa.



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