The colonoscopy day

And the day finally came. He was lembik already by noon coz he didn’t eat anything since the night before. Kesian. Asyik keluar masuk toilet je. Dia kata tengok susu Pediasure IY pun macam sedap sangat dah..lapar jangan kata lah kan…semua pun dia boleh telan masa tu.


Just wanted this to be over soon...dah lapar!

We arrived at 1pm ++. While I was settling his registration and GL, he went in to change and get ready. I waited in the waiting lounge (yang sejuk itu) until 3++. Then I saw a nurse walking by and asked her if he’s done. She said yes and I could see him at the recovery ward. Sampai kat ward I saw him sleeping. With tubes all over. Ishh macam baru lepas major operation je. Padahal endoscopy je. He looked so fragile. Sempat la bersembang dengan nurse kat situ. She said his procedures ended at 3.15pm. And usually patient will sleep for an hour after. So I just let him sleep and waited by his side (while taking pictures of course..hehe). Amik gambar pun sorok2 tak pakai flash takut nurse perasan.

Waiting lounge yang sejuk

Around 4pm, a nurse came to check on him and wanted to draw some blood. That’s when he woke up. But very groggy. Cakap pun mamai. Later when he’s fully awake, they gave him sandwiches and milo. While waiting for the doctor, they printed out the test results. We could see the images of his usus. Looks okay to me. None like the ones I saw on the internet. The scary ones. His was pink and smooth as it should be. Report pun tulis situ semua normal. Just that dia ada sikit gastritis. But nothing major.

Orang mamai baru bangun tidur kena dera dengan isteri to smile for the camera

As it was close to 5++, I had to pick up the kids. I don’t want to be stuck in the massive traffic outside. So I left him in the patient’s waiting room waiting for the doctor to explain further on the reports. Lepas dah amik anak2 baru lah patah balik ke hospital to pick him up.

Reading the colonoscopy report - see the pictures on the paper? That's the images of his insides

He told me the doctor came shortly after I left and explain on his condition. No serious issues on the tummy. The gatritis is not the reason why he lost so much weight. They found something else.

Tapi yang tu later lah I story ya..after I’m done reading up, googling and after his new appointment with the new doctor.



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