IY’s first school

Okay it’s final. We have decided.

We have enrolled IY to Treetop House this year. Registration done and he will start class 5 January 2012. They have grouped him dalam class range 3.5-4yo kids. Yesterday we went to collect his uniform. Baju size S tapi seluar kena size M. Nasib baik bawak tuan punya badan untuk fitting.

His first uniform | His first school bag

This few weeks has been exhausting. Penat ber costing, penat rushing tengok sana sini, penat berdebat dan penat memujuk.

Glad we’ve come to a mutual agreement.

Now IY, you are one lucky boy you know. If you are reading this way in the future, please know that it took us a lot to put you in the best school. Be good and be grateful.

And here comes the next challenge….I have 2 weeks to train him to tido awal, bangun awal and mandi bersiap. Hoping for drama-free mornings!

Wish me luck.



4 thoughts on “IY’s first school

    • Tengok pada aktif dia and panjang akal dia tu…mmg kena kasi masuk sekolah la..let the energy being channelled the right way. He just got too much energy! Budak yang tak reti duduk diam. Tu yang tak payah tunggu 5 tahun tu,

      Haa!! harap2 takde la lambat yang melampau. Nak kena test run dulu ni.

    • Yup kawasan jam tapi kalau kena pada masanya it should ok. i hari2 lalu situ balik rumah. now just nak timing time pegi and pick up balik dia. i will pick him up during my lunch break.

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