6 months

Zayyan turns 6 months today. Adik dah boleh makan! Yeay!!

I was going back and forth nak kasi apa kat dia for his first food. I gave IY nasi kosong last time. This time rasa macam nak tukar to something sweet pulak. Tapi bila fikir fikir balik..I started with rice jugak. Something bland and tasteless dulu. Karang kasi yang manis manis sedap cepat sangat, dia tak nak pulak nasi kosong. Maybe my theory ni tak betul, but takpe..slow-slow..in time he will rasa semua. Baru first time makan, bukan nak kasi kenyang pun..just nak kasi dia belajar on different textures and different tastes than mommy’s milk.

I started one day earlier actually. Dah start semalam. Sebab rasa rugi pulak if waste this Saturday off. Long weekend pulak tu. Since I’m going for the 4 day rule, he has the first 3 days with me and 1 day with the sitter..ok la tu kan..75% dengan mama…25% je dengan auntie Aliya dia. Haha…yes I’m a kiasu mommy like that. Sue me!

He didn’t eat much during the first attempt to feed him, setakat 5-6 suap je. Just to familiarize himself with the new texture. Nasi yang masuk mulut sama banyak dengan yang meleleh keluar kot. Haha! He didn’t know what to do with the food. Tak pandai kunyah telan lagi. Takpe dik, you have plenty of time to learn.

Orang melayu kena makan nasi 😛

Blurry picture - this is a still image from the video taken. Asyik sangat amik video sampai lupa nak amik gambar.

So what’s next in the menu?

Planning for either banana, avocado,potato or carrot purees.

Next month baru kita start with 2 items in one serving.

Bon appetit Z!



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